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Virtual Test Driving

Sensor simulation

DYNA4 offers physical modeling of ultrasonic, lidar, camera and radar sensors. In addition, any ground truth information is available as well as the semantic image segmentation of all visible objects.


DYNA4 Vehicle and environment simulation

DYNA4 enables virtual test drives of passenger cars and trucks on the PC or HiL. Including precise driving dynamics, 3D world, GPU-based sensor simulation, test automation and various standard interfaces. DYNA4 integrates flexibly into your tool chain and can be used in function development in a wide range of applications.

3D animation

DYNAanimation generates realistic and real-time capable 3D animations. The virtual vehicle and the whole environment incl. traffic participants from your DYNA4 simulations are automatically visualized.

Detailed vehicle dynamics

DYNA4 contains proven vehicle dynamics models for representing vehicle behaviour with precise longitudinal and lateral dynamics.

OpenDRIVE road in DYNA4

  • Graphical route editor
  • Route and maneuver definition
  • Test automation and variant handling
  • Management of models, parameters & simulation results
  • Automated visualization in DYNAanimation
  • Seamless integration of your own models
  • OpenDRIVE road usable from MiL to HiL

OpenDRIVE road network

The standard OpenDRIVE road definition is natively integrated into DYNA4. Use OpenDRIVE roads without conversion including immediate 3D visualization.

SUMO traffic simulation

The connection to SUMO traffic flow simulation allows for complex scenarios with stochastic traffic including pedestrians and control of traffic lights

Headless runtime models

DYNA4 vehicle and environment models as export version

  •  Independent use of models outside the DYNA4 environment
  •  Execution in CANoe, ROS, ADTF etc.
  •  Use in the cloud for parallel simulations
  •  Run on many HiL platforms

enDYNA engine simulation library

Model library for real-time simulation of diesel and spark ignition combustion engines including exhaust systems during the development process of engine control units.