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Virtual Test Driving with Vehicle and Environment Simulation

Which simulation software is suited best for your virtual driving tests?
DYNA4 - now a Vector product - offers maximum flexibility and cost efficiency through demand-oriented model packages and numerous interfaces. Furthermore, latest simulation technologies for environment and sensor simulation as well as electrified drivetrains are used in DYNA4. To master complexity, DYNA4 provides extensive options for model management and for supporting your simulation processes, at individual workstation as well as across departments.
veDYNA and enDYNA are well-established simulation tools with a focus on vehicle and engine dynamics. Their proven models provide the basis for DYNA4.

Vehicle & Environment
 Vehicle Dynamics 
 Engine Dynamics 
Tools & methods   
Modular model architecture in Simulink   
Integration and interfaces   
3D Visualization DYNAanimation   
Simulation data management   
Automation and variation   
Variants management   
Stand-alone operation for HiL and SiL   
Vehicle dynamics models   
High-fidelity vehicle dynamics   
Brake hydraulics   
Commercial vehicles   
Vehicle dynamics driver   
Engine and powertrain models   
Modular powertrain   
Electrical system   
Engine dynamics based on mean-value   
Additional components engine   
Thermodynamic engine model   
Cycle driver   
Environment simulation   
Driving dynamics tracks   
OpenDRIVE road network   
Environment sensors   
Trajectory calculation   
   Standard     Standard (Limited function compared to DYNA4)
   Selectable     Selectable (Limited function compared to DYNA4)