Virtual Test Driving

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Virtual test driving, vehicle and environment simulation
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TESIS Simulation Technology: Open, Flexible and with Standard Interfaces

Sensor simulation

Physical modeling of ultrasonic, lidar, camera and radar sensors in the the DYNA4 vehicle and environment simulation.

Connected vehicles and C2X

Simulation based development of automated and connected vehicles and c2x functions.

Valet Parking

Virtual vehicle, sensors and parking garages for development of automated parking functions on the PC or HiL system.

3D world for simulation based function development

Test your ADAS and AD functions integrated seamlessly in the DYNA4 environment for virtual test driving. From MiL, SiL up to HiL systems.

FMU Import: Use of Modelica-based models in DYNA4

FMUs are seamlessly integrated into DYNA4. Thus you can use parameterization and automation functionality of the DYNA4 framework.

Virtual Tire Test Rig: Validated tires for your vehicle simulation

Using the virtual Tire Test Rig you automate your tire generation for vehicle dynamics and entire vehicle simulations in DYNA4.

Automated suspension generation

Validated axles and suspension for precise vehicle dynamics simulation from K&C measurement data or MBS simulations.

Virtual test drives on OpenDrive roads

Native driving on OpenDrive roads without conversion. Testing of ADAS functions and vehicle dynamics in the virtual vehicle.

DYNA4 2.8

DYNA4 2.8 offers comprehensive usage of the standard road format OpenDrive. Vehicle axles and tires can be generated and validated within an automated process.

Neural networks for semi-active suspension control

Simulation based analysis of a semi-active suspension control system designed with artificial neural networks (ANN).


Integration of DYNA4 with SUMO mictrotraffic simulation to perform vehicle testing in complex surrounding traffic.

FTire tire model in DYNA4

The detailed FTire model can be used fully integrated in the DYNA4 vehicle simulation environment including 3D animation.

Smart HiL-System with Vector CANoe

TESIS and Vector Informatik present a smart, scalable, and efficient Hardware-in-the-Loop test system.

Easy-to-use tire model for vehicle dynamics test drives

TMeasy is a very easy-to-use tire model for vehicle dynamics investigations, realistic parking torques and low speed behavior.

Collaborative engineering with DYNA4

Version control with Subversion enables role-based and rights-based collaboration in the simulation environment DYNA4.

dSPACE Scalexio HiL system with DYNA4

The combination of open, modular vehicle simulation software and flexible configurable hardware constitutes a versatile platform for ECU testing.

Custom User Interface in DYNA4

You can guide the user via customized HTML interfaces for your simulation tasks in DYNA4.

Analysis of energy and thermal management in the vehicle

The coupling of the DYNA4 virtual complete vehicle with KULI will enable an integrated analysis of the energy and thermal management in the vehicle to be performed.

Highly reactive control of in-cylinder pressure

A maximum of detail depth with simultaneous real-time capability requires an optimum trade-off between model complexity and available computer capacity.