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Achieve your development goals faster with process-optimized simulation

Our simulation solutions support you throughout the entire development process and help you to achieve your objectives faster and more efficiently. With more than 25 years of experience and numerous projects we have optimized our solutions with the aim of achieving maximum customer benefit:

  • Development of a simulation environment for company-wide driving performance and fuel consumption calculations.
  • Development, implementation, and support of homogeneous solutions for heterogeneous HiL landscapes.
  • Coupling of multibody systems (e.g. Simpack) and environment models from third-party providers with our simulation solutions to produce a high-performance working environment
  • Modular, interdepartmental model and data management for the study of innovative axle concepts.
  • Coupling of existing automation solutions (e.g. Exam) with our DYNA4 framework to form an integrated overall solution. 

Your advantages with TESIS simulation software and services

  • Efficient: fully automatic processes and the continuity of our simulation solutions (for all applications from MiL, SiL to HiL) will save you time and money.
  • Transparent: development stages, interim results and project completion are documented, administered, and archived as part of our Development Lifecycle Management.
  • Innovation-promoting: concentrate on the actual challenge and not on routine work.
  • Quality-enhancing: standardized processes guarantee maximum quality of results; automated procedures minimize sources of error.
  • Open: our solutions are open to extensions and offer a wide range of interfaces for docking your tools and methods.

Combination of methods, tools and engineering

Our wide range of methods, tools and engineering ensures that we can provide the optimum solution for your requirements:

  • The open simulation framework DYNA4 with process support is optimized for continuity, efficiency, and transparency.
  • DYNA4 adaptations: we create interfaces to your existing tools and adapt the simulation environment to your working processes.
  • Data and model validation: automatic validation of subcomponents and the overall model guarantee high-quality development and innovative capacity.
  • Results management: our solutions enable you to archive, visualize, and document your project success.
  • Model management and variant handling: we use the clear DYNA4 systems and couple these with version control programs (e.g. open-source tools such as Subversion)
  • Rights management: implementation of a role and rights system for the project environment
  • Automation routines and concurrency in the field of (real-time) simulation

Customer References

Platform for interdisciplinary vehicle simulation

Together with the University of Munich (TUM), TESIS has launched the sim2gether research and development project.

Audi: Energy management for the vehicle fleet

Efficient energy management for the Audi vehicle fleet is a cross-department challenge. The DYNA4 simulation framework is the suitable solution.

Audi: Analyses of signal errors on the complete vehicle

Audi analyzes the effect of faulty input signals on the complete vehicle in DYNA4 simulation environment.

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