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Virtual Test Driving

Engineering for Virtual Test Driving, Simulation and Modeling

Benefit from our expertise for modeling, simulation and virtual test driving

  • Extensive know-how in automotive development: system and detail knowledge for all areas of the vehicle, including driver assistance, vehicle dynamics, powertrain, electrical components, thermal management
  • Efficient: systematic and sustainable tool and process development
  • Many years of experience: we can advise you in the integration and optimization of your processes in all aspects of simulation

Simulation solutions with customized services and software

Our wide range of methods, tools, and experience ensures that we can provide the optimum solution for your requirements:

  • Modeling: Development of tailor-made models according to your requirements. In Matlab/Simulink, Dymola, C, C++ or with other modeling tools.
  • Process-optimized working processes through adaptation in various tool environments, e.g. Matlab/Simulink, Dymola, Modellica, and many others.
  • Adaptations for our DYNA4 simulation framework: We integrate your model components and work procedures into an efficient overall solution.
  • Software development of customer-specific analysis, automation, and data evaluation tools.
  • Consulting: We can advise you in process analysis, the creation of your performance specifications, tool selection, the choice of the right hardware, and the optimization of your workflow
  • Calculation and simulation: Our engineers have wide experience in simulation and will be happy to support you.
  • Hardware commissioning: As a platform-independent provider of simulation solutions for PCs and for all standard HiL systems, we offer advice and support from the software concept right through to the commissioning of your testing systems.

Experience from a wide range of Engineering Projects

Examples of the application of our services based on our core competences – driver assistance systems, vehicle dynamics, simulation methods and process optimization, engine and drive train dynamics, alternative powertrains.

System concept

  • Requirements and concept development on system and component levels: requirements management for electrified vehicles
  • CO2 reduction: evaluation of CO2 reduction measures and fuel/energy consumption prognosis for vehicles and vehicle fleets with conventional and electrified powertrains and auxiliary units
  • Development of hybrid vehicle functions in the virtual complete vehicle: development, optimization, and testing of energy management functions
  • Functional design and dimensioning of all-wheel-drive concepts
  • Networked ECUs: function development and validation for networked functionality in the vehicle, for example recuperation and lateral stability in highly dynamic driving maneuvers

Component design

  • Virtual large-scale tests to determine load profiles of electric components in hybrid vehicles
  • Virtual axle and tire test stands for the generation and validation of model parameters
  • Dynamic generation of load profiles for drive train test stands in different test cycles and in simulated customer and racing operation

Function development and validation

  • Stable on-board electric power network: design of on-board electric components and functional validation in MiL/SiL/HiL simulation
  • Development and virtual testing of driver assistance systems (design of display and operating concepts for the representation of energy management functionality)
  • Development, testing and application of engine and drive train management systems
  • ABS, ESP, and ASR development and testing on HiL for the evaluation of the software states of ECUs and functional reliability
  • Steering system test stands and driving simulators with realistic representation of steering/rack-and-pinion forces for a convincing driving experience or for hardware testing of steering components

Tool development

  • Modeling and evaluation of real-time-capable vehicle dynamics models and components
  • Model optimization for Matlab/Simulink and Dymola for more efficient and real-time-capable simulations
  • Software development for tool environments, data management, database applications in virtual development
  • Customer-specific adaptations of product solutions, integration of MBS programs into DYNA4
  • Integration into test automation systems such as EXAM

Simulation-based services

We provide you with support for your virtual function design and validation processes. Our competences in this field range from the creation of simulation environments and technical application right through to complete function development. Our experts use state-of-the-art tools and methods for software development and project management. We have many years of experience in the use of Matlab/Simulink, Dymola, and many other simulation environments, which we apply in an optimum manner in accordance with your requirements. 

Customer References

AL-KO: Automated testing of trailer stabilization

Far-reaching improvements to AL-KO trailer stabilization with simulation-based investigations of trailer variants.

Bombardier electric city bus: validation through simulation

Simulation-based testing of the interaction between the vehicle dynamics and the electric propulsion system in extreme conditions.

ARAI: HiL simulation for semi-active suspension development

ARAI SAE paper: Simulation based design of a semi-active suspension for an optimum between ride comfort and road holding.


Simulation based ESC homologation

Simulation based ESC homologation, Sine-With-Dwell test maneuver with reporting and 3D animation.

Energy management analyses for mild hybrids

3D animation of a virtual test rig for mild hybrid vehicles with 48 V components on WLTP, NEFZ or real driving cycles.

Bombardier Electric City Bus: Validation with Simulation

Virtual testing of the Bombardier electric city bus Primove even to the driving limits.

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