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veDYNA: Real-Time Simulation of Vehicle Dynamics

veDYNA is the comprehensive software for efficient real-time simulation of vehicle dynamics. The applications of veDYNA range from conceptual vehicle development at the PC and component tests in virtual or physical test rigs right through to function development and testing of vehicle dynamics controllers in software-in-the-loop and hardware-in-the-loop environments. Different product levels and several model enhancements provide an optimum solution for every user.

veDYNA is successfully used in a wide range of applications:

  • Component development and testing, e.g. of axle suspensions, tires or steering systems, in virtual and physical test rigs
  • Function development and testing of vehicle control systems, such as torque vectoring, active chassis elements and distance controllers
  • Stability and comfort investigations, e.g. for the comparison of different axle concepts in passenger cars, trucks or racing cars
  • Conceptual studies and optimizations, such as computationally extensive variant calculations and parameter estimation
  • Virtual test drives in the driving simulator
  • Integration tests in laboratory vehicles
  • Function development and testing of driver assistance systems

Function overview

All veDYNA product levels contain the same high-precision vehicle model, which is equally suited for the simulation of passenger cars, all-wheel-drive sports vehicles and Formula 1 racing cars. For the configuration of realistic driving maneuvers, a flexible road model and a powerful driver model are provided. Many standard maneuvers, such as the ISO lane change and braking on µ-split, as well as test courses of different complexity are already preconfigured and included in the installation.

The implementation and evaluation of the virtual driving tests is supported by preconfigured Matlab procedures, whose characteristic parameters may be changed via graphical user interfaces and which are easily adapted to your demands. Visualization of the results is possible during the run-time of the simulation with the animation tool DYNAanimation 2 or at the end of the simulation by 2D plots via the comfortable veDYNA Plot GUI.

Product levels and model add-ons

veDYNA product levels

veDYNA Entry
veDYNA Entry is a preconfigured, generic vehicle dynamics model for fast simulation on PC platforms – especially for educational use. The assignment of model data is supported by easy-to-use graphical user interfaces as in veDYNA Light. Simulink is not required.

veDYNA Light
veDYNA Light offers intuitive access to the vehicle dynamics simulation with Matlab/Simulink. Individual enhancements of the vehicle model and real-time applications are also possible. The model parameterization is supported by easy-to-use graphical user interfaces, which require only reduced data for axles and tires compared to veDYNA Standard.
In addition, you can choose between several veDYNA Add-Ons, e.g. for traffic, trailer and truck simulation.

veDYNA Standard
veDYNA Standard is the specialized tool for vehicle dynamics analysis on PC platforms and in real-time operation. The open model architecture in a Matlab/Simulink environment offers full modularity to extend the delivered vehicle models with your own component models and adapt them flexibly to your specific application. All vehicle components, specifically the axles and tires, can be parameterized in detail. For in-depth investigations of the axle elasto-kinematics and its impact on vehicle performance and comfort, a library with real-time-capable multi-body axle models is provided. 
For special applications, e.g. vehicle consumption calculation, electric and hybrid vehicles, traffic, truck and trailer simulation a range of professional veDYNA Add-Ons, is available.


Model enhancements

  • Suspension Analysis
    The Suspension Analysis Toolbox efficiently supports the axle development process by generating axle parameters from measurements from K&C test rigs or results of MBS simulations. The computed axle models can be validated on the virtual suspension test rig or modified interactively by a graphical user interface.
  • veDYNA Truck
    The Truck extensions for veDYNA Standard and veDYNA Light are enhancements for the simulation of characteristic properties of commercial vehicles, such as additional rear axles, special suspension types and twin tires.
  • Hook & Trailer
    The Hook & Trailer add-ons enable the vehicle dynamics simulation of a towing vehicle coupled with a multiple axle trailer.
  • Hybrid Toolbox
    The Hybrid Toolbox for veDYNA is an add-on for configuring various topologies of battery-electric and hybrid-electric powertrains from micro to full hybrid. 
x = standard product component
o = optional product component
veDYNA EntryveDYNA LightveDYNA Standard
Pricing and Purchase
depending on license type and validity
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Hardware and Software Environment
Matlab support, supported versions >>xxx
Simulink supportxx
Code generation for Windows executable with Simulink Coderxx
Code generation for real-time applications, supported platforms >>xx
Generation of pre-compiled parameter sets for real-time applicationsxx
User Interface
GUI support for guided parameter assignmentxxx
Modular data structure for flexible exchange of component data.x
Result Analysis
DYNAanimation 2 Viewer for visualization of simulation resultsxxx
DYNAanimation 2 Editor for generation of user-specific virtual worldsoox
Postprocessing GUI with report functionalityxx
Vehicle Model
Modular Simulink vehicle modelx
Reduced model data for axle kinematics and tire descriptionxx
Extensive tabled kinematics & compliance definitionx
Library of multi-body axle modelsx
Virtual Test Creation
Basic driver & two lane roadxxx
Starting with full dynamic initial vehicle conditionsxx
Further Configuration and Automation Tools
Axle preprocessor for tabled kinematicsx
Import of Pacejka tire data for Paceika Tire Modelx
veDYNA Maneuver Automationxx
Optional Add-Ons
Hybrid Toolboxo
Truck Extension Standard or Lightoo
Hook & Trailer Extension Standard or Lightoo
Advanced Road & Driveroo
Suspension Analysis Toolboxo
Standard PC offboard license (node locked)xxx
Academic Classroom licensexxx
Onboard license for real-time targetsxx
Network floating licensexx
Pricing and Purchase
depending on license type and validity
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Magna Powertrain: Frontloading for 4WD systems

The traction control systems at Magna Powertrain are developed in close cooperation of simulation and the road tests.

ARAI: HiL simulation for semi-active suspension development

ARAI SAE paper: Simulation based design of a semi-active suspension for an optimum between ride comfort and road holding.

UNAM Motorsports: Validation of control algorithms

UNAM Motorsports used veDYNA to simulate different maneuvers in order to validate the algorithms of the vehicle ECU.


Virtual ESP test, rainy conditions

ESP function tests on a HiL system: Overtaking maneuver at the dynamics driving limits on a wet road.

Audi: Virtual ESC Test on Icy Road on a HiL system

Audi: Connected HiL system with TESIS vehicle dynamics simulation for virtual ESC testing on ice, wet road etc.

Automated testing of the parking assistant

Virtual environment and visualization for functional test of parking assistants.

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