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Virtual Test Driving with Precise Vehicle Dynamics

Customers worldwide have been benefiting from our expertise in the field of vehicle dynamics for cars and commercial vehicles for more than 25 years. These many years of experience have resulted in our highly flexible simulation solutions for all applications and limit cases. Continuous further development in numerous projects with a clear focus on customer benefit guarantees highly efficient and versatile application. The range of applications for our vehicle dynamics models extends from analysis in pre-development and the coordination, validation and testing of vehicle components and complete vehicles right through to driving simulators that provide a realistic driving experience.

Project examples and applications

Application examples of our simulation software and engineering services:

  • ABS / ESP / ASR development and testing on the HiL to evaluate the software states of ECUs or for testing and verifying functions
  • Steering system test stands and driving simulators with feedback of realistic rack-and-pinion and steering forces or for testing power steering
  • Testing active chassis control systems with the aid of real-time-capable MBS axle models
  • Design of all-wheel-drive concepts
  • Development of X-by-wire technologies
  • Autonomous driving in the limit range with our fully developed driver model
  • Virtual axle and tire test stands with generation and validation of model parameters
  • Dynamic generation of load profiles for powertrain test stands
  • Homologation of ECUs for commercial vehicles
  • Trailer stabilization
  • Testing the interdependencies of networked ECUs in the complete vehicle
  • Modeling and evaluation of real-time-capable vehicle dynamics models and components

Combination of methods, tools and engineering

Our wide range of methods, tools and engineering ensures that we can provide the optimum solution for your requirements:

  • The open simulation framework DYNA4 Car Professional enables vehicle dynamics simulation to be performed at the highest level, embedded in a highly flexible complete vehicle simulation environment
  • DYNA4 adaptations: we integrate your model components and working processes into an efficient overall solution
  • Development of automation routines for data calibration, validation, and documentation
  • Proven methods for lap time optimization or vehicle validation
  • Interfaces to multibody models, e.g. from Simpack, ensure improved continuity in the development process
  • Specific model development, e.g. for brake hydraulics and brake pneumatics
  • Use of different tire models (TMeasy, MF-Tyre, FTire, etc.)
  • Development of tailor-made models according to your requirements, e.g. in Matlab/Simulink, Dymola, C or C++.


Customer References

AL-KO: Automated testing of trailer stabilization

Far-reaching improvements to AL-KO trailer stabilization with simulation-based investigations of trailer variants.

TU Munich: System Simulation in DYNA4 based on ADAMS Data

Simulation based development of the Visio.M battery electric vehicle with automated usage of Adams axle data.

Bombardier electric city bus: validation through simulation

Simulation-based testing of the interaction between the vehicle dynamics and the electric propulsion system in extreme conditions.

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