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Customer Stories about Virtual Test Driving with Precise Vehicle Dynamics

AL-KO: Automated testing of trailer stabilization

Far-reaching improvements to AL-KO trailer stabilization with simulation-based investigations of trailer variants.

TU Munich: System Simulation in DYNA4 based on ADAMS Data

Simulation based development of the Visio.M battery electric vehicle with automated usage of Adams axle data.

Bombardier electric city bus: validation through simulation

Simulation-based testing of the interaction between the vehicle dynamics and the electric propulsion system in extreme conditions.

Magna Powertrain: Frontloading for 4WD systems

The traction control systems at Magna Powertrain are developed in close cooperation of simulation and the road tests.

ARAI: HiL simulation for semi-active suspension development

ARAI SAE paper: Simulation based design of a semi-active suspension for an optimum between ride comfort and road holding.

Audi: Analyses of signal errors on the complete vehicle

Audi analyzes the effect of faulty input signals on the complete vehicle in DYNA4 simulation environment.

UNAM Motorsports: Validation of control algorithms

UNAM Motorsports used veDYNA to simulate different maneuvers in order to validate the algorithms of the vehicle ECU.

Audi: Characteristic assessment of vehicle dynamics controls

The TESIS hardware-in-the-Loop systems (HiLs) allow the virtual assessment of vehicle dynamics characteristics for a wide range of variants.

Magna: A driver model for ECU development

TESIS' comprehensive driver model supports tests for the functional safeguarding and application of vehicle control systems.

Audi: Managing Variant Diversity

TESIS and Audi have developed standardized process for simulation based ECU validation of a wide range of vehicle configurations.

Test drives in a simulator at Regensburg UAS

Mechanical engineering students can now put their theoretical knowledge of vehicle dynamics into practice on a simulator.

Real driving pleasure: Audi test drives in a simulator

The realistic simulators allow drivers to experience the driving behaviors of different Audi models on several tracks under different weather conditions.

VW: Measurement-based driving dynamics simulation

VW uses K&C measurements to automatize the comparison of the driving dynamics of competitors and own vehicles.

Detail designs – vehicle dynamics development at Ford

Norbert Kessing, manager of vehicle dynamics, grants an insight, how Ford of Europe realizes its efficient vehicle dynamics development processes.

Knott: Virtual Validation of the trailer stabilization

Knott employs vehicle dynamics software for conception studies, function development and validation of its electronic trailer stabilization.

Magna: Development of the vehicle dynamics control

Magna Steyr reduces development time by controller development and pre-calibration with veDYNA.

Curtin FSAE: Vehicle dynamics simulation for the pole position

TESIS supports Formula Student teams with simulation software, e.g. the Australian Curtin-Team.

Ford: Virtual suspension development with K&C data

Ford uses the automated process in veDYNA to parametrize the suspension models from K&C measurements.

Bentley: HiL environment for test of connected ECUs

The comfortable selection of vehicle models on the centralized PC reduces the efforts for variant handling substantly.