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Customer Stories about Simulation Automation, Traceability, Workflows

Platform for interdisciplinary vehicle simulation

Together with the University of Munich (TUM), TESIS has launched the sim2gether research and development project.

Audi: Energy management for the vehicle fleet

Efficient energy management for the Audi vehicle fleet is a cross-department challenge. The DYNA4 simulation framework is the suitable solution.

Audi: Analyses of signal errors on the complete vehicle

Audi analyzes the effect of faulty input signals on the complete vehicle in DYNA4 simulation environment.

Audi: Managing Variant Diversity

TESIS and Audi have developed standardized process for simulation based ECU validation of a wide range of vehicle configurations.

VW: Measurement-based driving dynamics simulation

VW uses K&C measurements to automatize the comparison of the driving dynamics of competitors and own vehicles.

BMW: Fuel economy simulation for the vehicle fleet

Simulation of the entire vehicle enables a precise prediction of the effectiveness of fuel economy measures.