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Customer Stories about System Simulation for Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

TU Munich: System Simulation in DYNA4 based on ADAMS Data

Simulation based development of the Visio.M battery electric vehicle with automated usage of Adams axle data.

Audi: Energy management for the vehicle fleet

Efficient energy management for the Audi vehicle fleet is a cross-department challenge. The DYNA4 simulation framework is the suitable solution.

Bombardier electric city bus: validation through simulation

Simulation-based testing of the interaction between the vehicle dynamics and the electric propulsion system in extreme conditions.

Audi: Calculation of fuel consumption for driver display

To analyze fuel consumption measurements for the vehicle series, Audi relies on TESIS' engineering experience and simulation software.

ViF: Simulation of hybrid vehicles' cooling system

The Virtual Vehicle Competence Center (vif) simulated the thermal behavior of the electrical system in a hybrid SUV under different loads and ambient conditions.

BMW: Fuel economy simulation for the vehicle fleet

Simulation of the entire vehicle enables a precise prediction of the effectiveness of fuel economy measures.