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Customer Stories about Dynamic System Simulation for Commercial Vehicles

AL-KO: Automated testing of trailer stabilization

Far-reaching improvements to AL-KO trailer stabilization with simulation-based investigations of trailer variants.

Bombardier electric city bus: validation through simulation

Simulation-based testing of the interaction between the vehicle dynamics and the electric propulsion system in extreme conditions.

Iveco: Simulation of multi-axle trucks for diverse ESP tests

Iveco: DYNA4 simulation models for multi-axle trucks in use for automated ESC testing.

Knorr Bremse: MBS model integration into DYNA4

The MBS vehicle model can be used in DYNA4 comprehensively for ECU development - from MiL to HiL.

Knott: Virtual Validation of the trailer stabilization

Knott employs vehicle dynamics software for conception studies, function development and validation of its electronic trailer stabilization.

CLAAS: Engine simulation in the harvester development

CLAAS reduces the development time by performing seasonal independent and reliable ECU function tests in a harvester simulation environment.

MAN: Real-time 12 cylinder engine simulation

The physical engine model enDYNA Thermo provides the required model precision and was perfectly implemented on a fast HiL system.