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Videos: Virtual Test Driving with TESIS Simulation Solutions

Virtual vehicle, city traffic and Velodyne Lidar sensor in DYNA4 for development of ADAS and AD functions.

Truck platooning with multi-ego vehicle simulation for development of cooperative driving functions.

DYNA4 and ROS in function development for autonomous driving. Example with lidar and camera signals in a parking garage.

Image injection of ultra wide angle cameras for the development of surround view algorithms.

Unity's Windridge environment for virtual test drives with DYNA4 and stochastic SUMO traffic.

Virtual test driving on OpenDRIVE motorway with SUMO traffic at different light and weather conditions.

KA-RaceIng: Development of the driverless vehicle with the vehicle and environment simulation DYNA4 and ROS.

Virtual test drives by day and by night, driving into a tunnel with changing light conditions.

Test of AEB and FCW functions according to Euro NCAP 2018, incl. scenarios at night and with bicycles.

Physics based sensor simulation: Lidar, ultrasonic and camera sensors for the development of ADAS/AD functions

Development of car2x functions in a virtual environment, incl. vehicle, environment, sensors.

Development of automated parking functions in a virtual environment, incl. vehicle, parking garage, sensors.

The TMeasy tire model for vehicle dynamics investigations offers now variable tire pressure.

Test your ADAS and AD functions in the virtual world, e.g. with city traffic and pedestrians.

Scene with child and ball for virtual test of AEB systems (autonomous emergency brake) with pre-defined maneuvers.

Virtual NCAP testing of the AEB system with pre-defined maneuvers. Moving, standing and braking vehicle.

Automated generation of validated tires for vehicle dynamics testing.

Automated axle generation for vehicle dynamics testing in DYNA4.

Vehicle dynamics simulation for cars, trucks and race cars. Driving on banked corner with detailed vehicle dynamics.

Virtual suspension test rig for automated generation of validated axles.

Different load configurations for virtual test drives in DYNA4.

Virtual test driving on a bumpy road with DYNA4 Car Professional vehicle simulation and the detailed tire model FTire.

Virtual test driving on the OpenDRIVE road network with integrated CRG profiles.

Use gpx or other measurement data for your virtual test drives in DYNA4. Automated visualization as 3D animation.

Virtual winter testing on a mountain road, uphill drive test with different drivetrains.

Seamless integration of the detailed FTire model in the real-time simulation environment DYNA4.

NCAP test of automated emergency brake (AEB) with pre-defined maeuvers, incl. pedestrians, children and adults.

Simulation based ESC homologation, Sine-With-Dwell test maneuver with reporting and 3D animation.

3D animation of a virtual test rig for mild hybrid vehicles with 48 V components on WLTP, NEFZ or real driving cycles.

Virtual testing of the Bombardier electric city bus Primove even to the driving limits.

Visio.M battery electric vehicle: Smooth workflow for usage of validated Adams axle data in DYNA4.

TMeasy is a very easy-to-use real-time and highly accurate tire model for vehicle dynamics investigations.

Virtual cross-country drive. Full vehicle simulation with a BMW i8 hybrid vehicle.

Dynamic Simulation for special purpose vehicles: Analysis and visualization of the vehicle behaviour, energy consumption or driver assistance systems.

DYNA4 Advanced Powertrain: Analyses of fuel consumption and energy management in the full vehicle.

Iveco: Simulation of multi-axle Trucks for automated ESP-Testing. HiL-Simulation with validated models for automated safety and vehicle dynamics tests.

ESP function tests on a HiL system: Overtaking maneuver at the dynamics driving limits on a wet road.

TESIS vehicle and environment simulation for function development. Including variant handling, traceability and reproducibility.

Audi: Connected HiL system with TESIS vehicle dynamics simulation for virtual ESC testing on ice, wet road etc.

Take Google Maps data for simulated test drives in an automatically visualized environment.

Automated generation of the Berlin city environment for virtual test driving of ADAS functions.

Virtual environment and visualization for functional test of parking assistants.

Virtual test driving of a special purpose vehicle on a hilly road.

Simulation and animation of vehicle dynamics of an articulated bus for function tests.

Vehicle stability investigations and with one or two trailers.

Vehicle comparison with and without ESP system. Virtual test drive on Sachsenring.

Double lane change, virtual vehicle testing, ISO 3888.