TESIS: Member of the Vector Group
Virtual Test Driving

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TESIS Simulation Software and Engineering for Virtual Test Driving


DYNA4 3.1

DYNA4 3.1 offers full multi-ego vehicle simulation, 3D animation in 4K, ROS and SUMO integration, NOx optimization on HiL systems.

ADAS Development with DYNA4 and ROS

Closed-loop vehicle, sensor and environment simulation for ADAS & AD function development in ROS.

openMobility Working Group

The experts for virtual test driving from TESIS (now Vector) are founding member of Eclipse Foundation's openMobility Working Group.


Virtual vehicle, city traffic and Velodyne Lidar sensor in DYNA4 for development of ADAS and AD functions.

Image injection of ultra wide angle cameras for the development of surround view algorithms.

Unity's Windridge environment for virtual test drives with DYNA4 and stochastic SUMO traffic.