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DYNA4 Vehicle and Environment Simulation

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DYNA4 and ROS for the Development of Autonomous Driving

DYNA4 provides realistic vehicle and environment signals to your ROS (Robot Operating System) development environment for autonomous driving and driver assistance systems. Via the ROS2 interface, DYNA4 connects conveniently to ROS for performing closed-loop simulations.


  • Use of the familiar ROS environment as a flexible and free environment for function development
  • DYNA4 vehicle states and sensor signals (lidar, radar, ultrasound, cameras) are available in ROS for closed-loop simulation
  • Out-of-the-box connection to the proven DYNA4 vehicle and environment model via DYNA4-ROS2 interface
  • Use of ROS1 via ROS bridge


DYNA4 functions at a glance

  • Detailed driving dynamics for the test vehicle (passenger car or commercial vehicle)
  • GPU-based sensor simulation: camera, radar, ultrasound, lidar
  • Driving on OpenDRIVE network with lanes, crossings, road signs, etc.
  • Test automation for thousands of variations of the scene and vehicle parameters
  • Huge and expandable object catalog with many vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians, animals, etc.
  • Visualization of the virtual test drives as 3D animation
  • Optional: Vehicle models for hybrid and electric drives
  • Integration of SUMO traffic simulation for highly complex traffic scenarios

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