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Applications for TESIS Simulation Software and Engineering

Euro NCAP 2018 Testing

Automated virtual test drives according to NCAP test protocol 2018 including night scenes and cyclists.

Connected vehicles and C2X

Simulation based development of automated and connected vehicles and c2x functions.

Valet Parking

Virtual vehicle, sensors and parking garages for development of automated parking functions on the PC or HiL system.

Vehicle Dynamics

Vehicle simulation with precise dynamics for cars and commercial vehicles. Software and engineering are worldwide in use for development of ECUs as ESP.

Driver Assistance

Virtual test driving for the development of ADAS and AD functions. Consulting, customized simulation solutions and engineering services.

Advanced Powertrains

Simulation software and engineering for simulation of new and conventional powertrains. Function development from MiL to HiL.

Engine Simulation

Real-time capable physical simulation models for combustion engines. Software and Engineering for ECU development from MiL to HiL.

Formula Student

Sponsoring of Formula Student Teams with simulation software for vehicle dynamics, electrical system and autonomous driving.

Trailer Stability

Simulation of various trailer-vehicle combinations for validation of stabilization algorithms in the vehicle or trailer.

Neural networks for semi-active suspension control

Simulation based analysis of a semi-active suspension control system designed with artificial neural networks (ANN).

System simulation of hybrid vehicles

System simulation of the complete vehicle provides a decision basis for complex questions in early development states, e.g. for energy management.

Simulation of telescopic handlers and forklifts

Dynamic simulation for special purpose vehicles. Development and test of the vehicle behavior, energy management, engine control and driver assistance systems.

Camera test bench

Validation of camera-based ECU functions with proven simulation software and engineering services for versatile HiL configurations.