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Virtual Test Driving

Virtual test drives for AEB and FCW functions according to Euro NCAP 2018

Automated testing with pre-configured scenarios in the virtual environment DYNA4

  • NCAP scenarios with pedestrians (CPFA, CPNA, CPLA) by day and by night
  • NCAP scenarios with bicycles (CBNA, CBLA)
  • NCAP vehicle scenarios with Soft Car (CCRs, CCRb, CCRm)
  • Automated report generation
  • Seamless integration of your FCW (Front Collision Warning) and AEB (Automated Emergency Brake) functions with the simulation environment DYNA4. Available from MiL, SiL up to HiL tests
  • Virtual 3D world with with huge object catalog including all NCAP objects as well as many vehicles, pedestrians etc.
  • Detailed driving dynamics for the virtual vehicle
  • GPU based sensor simulation: e.g. camera with configurable distortion and color filters, ultrasonic, lidar, radar sensors
  • Any Ground Truth information available
  • Online collision detection in Simulink model
  • Individual adaptations of the scenarios with comprehensive parameter variations for extended test coverage. E. g. speed, traffic participants, light, weather and many more

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NCAP objects for virtual test drives

Videos: NCAP CCR and VRU

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