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Formula Student Sponsoring: Simulation for the Pole Position

TESIS has been supporting Formula Student Teams worldwide with simulation software and technical assistance in the field of the vehicle dynamics setup of the race cars for many years. Beginning with season 2016/17 we also support the new format Formula Student Driverless (FSD). FSD focuses on the development of algorithms for environmental sensoring and the driverless guidance of the vehicle through the race track.

The simulation of vehicle and environment in DYNA4 offers the comprehensive solution:

  • Fast design, optimization and test of the overall system by simulated test drives in a virtual environment
  • Realistic modeling of vehicle motion and drivetrain
  • Generation of realistic sensor signals by means of virtual sensors (sensor models)
  • Flexible integration of your own algorithms, e.g. for object recognition, course planning or the vehicle control using standard tools such as Simulink, ROS, ADTF etc.

Projects and References

KA-RaceIng - Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
„Without using DYNA4 we would not have been able to actually drive on the road that quickly with our vehicle“ – Olaf Dünkel, Autonomous System Simulation. In a closed-loop simulation the team supplied their ROS environment with virtual signals of lidar sensors and camera sensors to test their algorithms for the detection of the environment and automated vehicle guidance. Learn more >>

TU Graz Racing Team
The very successful TU Graz Racing Team
uses veDYNA for the simulation of their vehicle dynamics. The performance of the racing car was optimized by means of variant studies and benchmarking. Further improvement options could be identified. We are very happy that we were able to contribute to the success of the team as a “Silver Sponsor“.
Read more about the TUG Racing Team

UNAM Motorsports - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
The UNAM Motorsports Team used veDYNA vehicle dynamics simulation to simulate different maneuvers in order to validate the algorithms programmed in the vehicle control unit, e.g. estimation of velocity, sideslip, roll angle, lateral velocity.
More about successful comparison of the algorithms with the simulation.

Furthermore we are sponsoring several other teams around the world, e.g.:

  • HTW Motorsport Berlin
  • TUfast
  • PolSi Racing
  • Fast Forest
  • Oxford University Racing

If your Formula Student Team would also like to be sponsored, please contact us!