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Virtual Test Driving

Development of KIT Driverless 18D with virtual test drives

In the Formula Student Driverless (FSD) competition, environment detection, trajectory planning and vehicle control must be mastered simultaneously. This challenging combination can only be covered by virtual driving tests within the short development time. The racing team of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology - KA RaceIng - uses the vehicle and environment simulation DYNA4 for the development and validation of the autonomous system.
The team took second place in the 2018 FSD competition with their car KIT Driverless 18D. Congratulations on this great achievement!

    The key challenges

    • Function development for the driverless driving task without available prototypes
    • Environmental sensors with lidar and camera signals
    • Virtual vehicle with realistic driving characteristics
    • Very short development time within one season

    Simulation and development environment

    Further information