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DYNA4 3.1: Multiple Vehicles under Test, 3D Animation in 4K, NOx calculation

Highlights overview

  • Multi-ego setups with several vehicles under test
  • SUMO traffic integrated in DYNA4
  • Fisheye cameras with configurable distortion and arbitrary angles of view
  • Enhanced 3D visualization
    • 4K resolution for advanced simulators
    • Oculus Rift support
    • Many new objects
    • Increased performance and flexibility
  • Function devlopment in ROS2 and ADTF connected to DYNA4
  • Functions for NOx calculation and optimization of exhaust strategy 
  • Improved ease of use in GUIs and example projects
  • Updated platform support for CANoe, Matlab, dSpace and National Instruments

Read more below or download: DYNA4 3.1 What's New?
Get overview about the features and functions of DYNA4

Multi-ego setups with several vehicles under test

  • Development of connected, cooperative vehicle functions, e.g. platooning
  • Integrate your functions in multiple active ego vehicles
  • Usage of multiple DYNA4 vehicle models with flexible and easily configurable interfaces
  • All ego vehicles with precise vehicle dynamics, even truck-trailer combinations
  • Surrounding traffic with deterministic or stochastic behavior

Watch video: Multiple Vehicles under Test in a platooning setup

SUMO traffic integrated in DYNA4

  • Integration of stochastic traffic from SUMO providing interaction with vehicles, pedestrians and traffic lights
  • SUMO is a free open-source traffic simulator by DLR
  • GUI based configuration in DYNA4
  • Combination of deterministic DYNA4 scenarios with stochastic SUMO traffic
  • Virtual test driving natively on OpenDRIVE road
  • Great 3D visualization of the entire scenario in DYNA4

Details and videos: www.tesis.de/sumo

Fisheye cameras with arbitrary angles of view

  • Support of cameras with angles of view up to 360°
  • Parametrization of distortion with OpenCV or Scaramuzza parameters
  • Support for dirt on lens
  • Display of sensor images on separate screens for image injection
  • Example: development of image stitching and rectification algorithms for surround view
  • Usage from MiL (algorithm development) to HiL (image injection on ECU)

Technical details: www.tesis.de/sensorsimulation

Enhanced 3D visualization

  • Support of high fidelity 4K resolution, e.g. for driving simulators
  • Support of Oculus Rift VR headset
  • Many new objects, e.g. roadworks elements, new vehicles, elements used in OpenDRIVE roads etc.
  • Easy integration of new objects, e.g. from Unity asset store or as fbx

More about 3D visualization in DYNA4

Closed-loop function development in ROS2 and ADTF with DYNA4

  • Function developers retain their preferred toolset while benefiting from DYNA4’s high-fidelity driving dynamics, GPU sensor models and 3D visualization
  • Co-simulation with DYNA4 via dedicated ROS2 interface
  • Usage of ROS1 via ROS bridge
  • Export DYNA4 models as ADTF filter for Windows and Linux, headless operation without DYNA4 GUI

Learn more: www.tesis.de/ros

DYNA4 Engine: Functions for NOx calculation and optimization of exhaust strategy

  • Functions for NOx calculation and optimization of exhaust strategy in test bench operation / HiL systems
    • Consideration of fuel enrichment for targeted exhaust gas temperature control
    • Increased precision of heat transport calculation in exhaust gas system and temperature behavior in SCR-Cat
    • NOx as a function of peak pressure and combustion curve; routines to validate dependencies 
    • NOx concentration depending on operating point based on evaluation of measured characteristic maps 
  • Enhanced supercharger model for increased stability in idle control

More about DYNA4 Engine

Model improvements

  • Efficient online collision detection and ground truth calculation for TTC (time to collision)
  • Improved actuation of acceleration and brake pedal for driving cycles
  • New Through-the-Road hybrid Model Configuration
  • New improved differential model including optional clutches and elastic shafts
  • Tire test rig with improved TYDEX file support. Analysis for FTire, MF-Tire and TM-Easy
  • MF-Tire 6.2 integration: Improved stability at low speeds and standstil

Improved ease of use

  • Improved model handling: Easy Simulink Model Component comparison and data assignment via context menu
  • New example projects for a quick and easy start in DYNA4
    • GPU sensor demo
    • Vehicle cutting-out for ACC tests
    • German OpenDRIVE A9 motorway by 3D Mapping
    • Roadworks example project

Watch video: Virtual test driving on OpenDRIVE A9 motorway

Updated hardware and software compatibility

  • Matlab up to R2019a
  • dSpace up to R2018-B
  • Vector CANoe up to 12.0
  • NI VeriStand up to 2018
  • ADTF 2.x Windows and Linux
  • ROS2 Simulink library

Many more on demand.
Overview: DYNA4 hardware and software compatibility