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Virtual Test Driving

Simulation of telescopic handlers and forklifts

Dynamic simulation can be widely used in the development of special commercial vehicles such as telescopic handlers, forklift trucks, container stackers etc. The analysis and test scope covers the vehicle behavior, energy management topics, engine control and driver assistance systems. TESIS DYNAware delivers customized environments on the base of the Simulation Environment DYNA4 as well as engineering services on demand. One focus of the simulation solution can be placed on variant and result management with which you can seamless integrate your own simulation models.

Application examples

  • Vehicle behavior: (Real time-) simulation of the dynamic behavior e.g. stress and loading behavior, automated variant comparison, underground- /terrain variation, malfunction simulation, test automation
  • Drive and energy management: Operating strategy and component design, development of energy management functions etc.
  • Driver assistance systems: Testing of assistance functions, e.g. with sensor simulation, in camera test rigs or with terrain and GPS data
  • Engine: ECU-Testing with real time engine simulation
  • HiL-Testing of control algorithms on diverse real time hardware platforms
  • Model-, data- und results management: Organization, versioning und traceability for your simulation
  • Combination of diverse fields of application: All topics can be combined with each other through the modular concept of DYNA4.


  • Ensure quality: Comprehensible and systematic tests with simulation increase the reliability.
  • Risk reduction: Riskless tests in security-critical limits.
  • Regression tests: Software updates can be conducted quickly using test automation.
  • Time independence: Extensive variant and parameter studies are feasible at any time.
  • Variant handling: Illustrative management of your product variants and the various control levels of development in one environment.

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