Virtual Test Driving

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DYNA4 Vehicle and Environment Simulation

3D Animation of Vehicle Simulation, Traffic and Environment

DYNAanimation 3 generates realistic and real-time capable 3D vehicle animations. The virtual vehicle, the environment and traffic participants from your DYNA4 simulations are automatically visualized in a 3D-engine. Due to the integration with DYNA4 Driver Assistance complex traffic szenarios with pedestrians, further vehicles and animals are visualized in DYNAanimation

Project examples and applications

3D-animation of your virtual test maneuvers, including environment and traffic participants

Automated terrain generation and explaining 2D widgets

Function overview

  • Direct connection for visualization of your DYNA4 vehicle simulations
  • Virtual reality impression due to professional graphics engine with GPU calculation for high quality
  • Sensor data fusion with the sensor models (camera, ultrasonic, lidar, radar) in DYNA4 Driver Assistance
  • Animated pedestrian and animals due to physics engine for advanced ADAS testing e.g. pedestrian protection, emergency braking
  • Camera tests in night scenes including vehicle lights
  • Object library with signs, traffic vehicles, pedestrians, animals, road nework etc. for driver assistance tests
  • Fast presentation of your virtual test drives with automated generation of roads and terrain.
  • Interactive replay in the 3D player with adjustable camera position, loop mode, slow motion etc.
  • Comfortable exchange of your 3D animations with colleagues, with the free-of-charge 3D player or as video
  • Platform independent use, on the PC or on a range of HIL systems


Virtual test drives by day and by night

Virtual test drives by day and by night, driving into a tunnel with changing light conditions.

Physics based sensor simulation: Lidar, ultrasonic and camera sensors for ADAS/AD

Physics based sensor simulation: Lidar, ultrasonic and camera sensors for the development of ADAS/AD functions

Euro NCAP 2018: Virtual test drives at night and with bicycles

Test of AEB and FCW functions according to Euro NCAP 2018, incl. scenarios at night and with bicycles.

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