TESIS: Member of the Vector Group
Virtual Test Driving

Virtual Test Driving for connected vehicles and C2X

Adressing complex questions regarding connected vehicles

  • Influence of traffic density and the traffic situation on assisted and automated driving
  • Effects of C2X-Connection of vehicles and traffic infrastructure on driving safety and driving efficiency
  • Comparison of connected driving with solely vehicle-based systems

Simulation environment DYNA4 for developing automated and connected vehicles

  • Integration of communication models in Simulink or via co-simulation with network simulators
  • Co-simulation with SUMO to generate complex traffic situations with seamless integration of deterministic traffic
  • Simple Scenario-Variation for statistical evaluation
  • Virtual 3D-world in DYNAanimation with large object catalog including many vehicles, pedestrians and construction vehicles
  • Detailed vehicle dynamics for the vehicle under test
  • GPU-based sensor simulation: e.g. camera with adjustable distortion and color filters, ultrasonic, lidar and radar sensors

Learn more in our presentation "Integrating the virtual vehicle with microscopic traffic flow simulation for virtual testing of cooperative systems" at the19th VDI congress "SIMVEC - Simulation und Erprobung in der Fahrzeugentwicklung" (congress in German only) on November 20th and 21st, 2018.