TESIS: Member of the Vector Group
Virtual Test Driving

Trailer simulation: Advantages and potential usecases

  • Support of the release process for trailer stabilization functions using HiL technology
  • Test automation and parameter variation
  • Testing a variety of vehicle-trailer combinations, including multiple trailer configurations
  • Fundamental investigation of vehicle-trailer dynamics
  • Reduction of dangerous driving tests of safety critical maneuvers
  • Identification of critical vehicle-trailer combinations and loading variants

Simulation scenarios and variations for realistic test maneuvers

  • Steering impulse according to ISO 9815 or other user defined profile
  • Influence of side wind loading
  • Downhill and uphillroad profiles
  • Road damage
  • Tailer with or without brakes
  • Influence of tire profile, air pressure and wear
  • Parking maneuver, reversing with trailer
  • A variety of road friction conditions

    Simulation software

    • Validated, real-time capable vehilce and trailer models with various tow coupling systems
    • Simulation framework DYNA4 for the systematic administration of models, variants, maneuvers and results
    • Test automation
    • Virtual test driver

    Engineering Services

    • Planning and implementation of the virtual test drives
    • Creation and validation of vehicle and trailer models
    • Implementation of test concepts and test automation for trailer stabilization systems
    • Investigations for identification of critical vehicle-trailer and loading configurations
    • Management and oversight of the real-world driving tests used for component validation
    • Consulting for analysis and evaluation of the stabilization systems

    Further Information