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Virtual Test Driving

Training Courses for Virtual Test Driving with DYNA4, veDYNA und enDYNA

We offer customized training courses for the optimum use of our products – for beginners, advanced users and expert applications.

Standard training courses in our training center
Learn from our experts how to efficiently use our simulation environment and vehicle models to take advantage of their full potential. We offer courses in our Munich headquarters for beginners and advanced users at a regular basis. Our courses convey a quick entry into the simulation of the vehicle, and provide the theoretical background of our simulation software as well as practical issues for beginners and experienced software users. You will find content and prices by clicking on the standard training courses below. Dates on request.

In-house training courses especially adapted to your individual needs
Of course we also provide exclusive on-site training courses. The contents can be especially adapted to your needs in order to provide you the best possible support for solving your simulation tasks. Send request.

Standard Training Courses