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Virtual test driving in complex surrounding traffic with DYNA4 and SUMO

Integration of SUMO traffic simulation into DYNA4 vehicle and environment simulation for virtual development and testing of driver assistance systems (ADAS) and autonomous driving functions.


  • Development and test of driver assistance systems
  • Development of autonomous driving and Car2X
  • Virtual validation of AI functions
  • Development of intelligent transportation systems

Your advantages through the integration with SUMO Connect

  • Simple creation of complex traffic scenarios from SUMO, including control of traffic lights
  • Support of vehicle, pedestrian and cyclist models with realistic motion behavior
  • Realistic simulation of traffic flow to consider traffic influences on driving functions
  • Driving on OpenDRIVE road networks with SUMO and DYNA4
  • One-click scenario variation of stochastic SUMO traffic situations including reproducibility of all simulation runs
  • Combination with deterministic DYNA4 traffic for targeted generation of critical situations

DYNA4 functions at a glance

  • Detailed driving dynamics for your test vehicle or several vehicles in multi-ego setups (passenger cars or commercial vehicles)
  • Seamless integration of your ADAS/AD functions with DYNA4, available from MiL, SiL to HiL tests
  • GPU-based sensor simulation: camera, radar, ultrasound, lidar
  • Test automation for thousands of variations of the scene and vehicle parameters
  • Huge and expandable object catalog with many vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians, animals, etc.
  • Visualization of the virtual test drives as 3D animation
  • Optional: Vehicle models for hybrid and electric drives

Videos with surrounding traffic from SUMO

Virtual test driving on OpenDRIVE motorway with SUMO traffic at different light and weather conditions.

Virtual test drives by day and by night, driving into a tunnel with changing light conditions.

Development of car2x functions in a virtual environment, incl. vehicle, environment, sensors.

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