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Virtueller Fahrversuch

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Virtuelle Fahrversuche mit komplexem Umgebungsverkehr aus SUMO

Real-time capable co-simulation of DYNA4 Car Professional and SUMO combines the strengths of both tools for virtual development and testing of ADAS and autonomous vehicles.


Develop control units for driver assistance systems and autonomous driving with:

  • complex traffic situations
  • realistic traffic control
  • reduced effort for scenario planning
  • stochastic occurrences of traffic events

Develop intelligent transportation systems with:

  • dynamic vehicle simulation
  • in-the-loop simulation with vehicle control software
  • high quality 3D visualization

Screenshots Co-Simulation DYNA4 und SUMO

Technology & Tools

DYNA4 Car Professional

  • Detailed models of full vehicle incl. driving dynamics, ADAS sensors, 3D-Roads and maneuver control
  • Open vehicle model structure in Matlab/Simulink
  • OpenDRIVE format for road network definition
  • Powerful 3D visualization with DYNAanimation for presentation, image generation and sensor simulation for driver assistance systems

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  • Microscopic traffic flow simulation
  • Traffic control and traffic management
  • Conversion of OpenDRIVE to SUMO network
  • Interaction with C++ TraCI API
  • Level-2 C++ S-Function for integration of SUMO in Simulink environment

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