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veDYNA in practice: trailer simulation at Knott

A current issue in the control of vehicle-trailer combinations is the development of systems for the trailer stabilization. Many phases in the development of electronic control units are supported or even accelerated by using real-time capable vehicle dynamics simulation programs. The brake system manufacturer Knott employs the vehicle dynamics software veDYNA for conception studies, function development and validation of its electronic trailer stabilization ETS.

The fully modular solution of TESIS enables the development of control algorithms and their replacement with I/O physical control units in one single simulation model for vehicle and trailer. Knott therefore accelerates the validation of its control system and is able to determine stability limits accurately even in the run-up to the first road trial. The simulation furthermore reduces the number of road trials during the whole development process and minimizes the risk for driver and vehicle.

Download the user report here.

With the help of veDYNA it has been proven that the trailer stability through the combination from ETS and the self-adjusting braking system was once again significantly improved.
In the comparative animation you can see:

  • ETS also stabilizes trailers with strongly unequally pulling brakes (left vehicle).
  • ETS combined with automatic braking adjustment stabilizes the vehicle trailer combination clearly faster (right vehicle).

For further information see Knott’s homepage.