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VW: Measurement-based driving dynamics simulation in the chassis development

The characteristics of the tires and axles play the key role in the simulation of driving dynamics. Volkswagen uses amongst others a measurement-based driving dynamics model which is based upon driving dynamics software tools of TESIS. The vehicle model with precisely parameterized axles based on kinematics and compliance measurements together with a high-quality tire model provides lateral dynamics results that are close to reality. This is extensively affirmed by comparing of simulation measurements.

The familiar features of this type of modeling are its real-time capability and Hardware in the Loop (HiL) suitability. Less attention has so far been paid to its use for testing and chassis tuning.

The professional article Measurement-based driving dynamics simulation at Volkswagen (ATZ 04/2009) describes the tool chain’s extreme suitability for benchmarking. The company’s own vehicles can be compared to those of competitors easily, as the measurements taken on the kinematics and compliance (K&C) test rig and the automated data generation require a low amount of effort.