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Test drives in a simulator at Regensburg University of Applied Sciences

At the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering at Regensburg University of Applied Sciences, students and visitors now have their own driving simulator. In the BA lecture "Vehicle Dynamics" and the MA lecture "Vehicle Simulation", theoretical knowledge can now be presented in an illustrative manner using the simulator.

The integration of veDYNA into the simulator allows the dynamics of virtual test vehicles to be presented with a high degree of realism. For example, students can examine the behavior of different chassis properties in different driving maneuvers. Examples include:

  • Vehicle behavior with different loads
  • Self-steering behavior, understeering, oversteering
  • Vehicle dynamics properties in the limit range
  • Examination of the rolling behavior of different vehicles
  • Execution of different driving maneuvers, e.g. single or double lane change
  • Starting or braking with different road surface coefficients of friction

The simulation results are numerically computed simultaneously and reproduced as 3D animations using DYNAanimation. The driving simulator also offers realistic feedback on the dynamics of the vehicle through the steering wheel. Further information on TESIS DYNAware simulation software can be found by clicking Academia.