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Magna Powertrain: A driver model for vehicle control system development

Virtual road tests for the functional safeguarding and application of vehicle control systems place high demands on the driver model used. The driver model developed by TESIS DYNAware previously determines realistic targets and switches between open and closed loop control depending on the driving situation. It is a prime example of the development and preliminary adjustment of traction control systems for all-wheel drive vehicles at Magna Powertrain.

The consistent use of simulation methods at Magna Powertrain allows real road tests to be carried out more efficiently and better results for adjustment variants for traction control systems to be achieved according to customer specifications. For this purpose, the simulation framework DYNA4 from TESIS DYNAware provides models of vehicle, driver and environment which have high mapping quality but low computing time requirements and permit good virtual preliminary application of the allwheel control units.

Tests based on driving tasks can be put together from any desired sequence of open- and closed-loop manoeuvres, iterative simulations and automated evaluations of the results. This allows variant calculations, controller verifications and virtual adjustments in function development and even control unit testing in Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) environments.

Read more about the application of driver models for virtual control system development in the current issue ATZ 12/2011.