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Vehicle dynamics simulation for the pole position

TESIS supports Formula SAE Student teams with the high-performance vehicle dynamics simulation software veDYNA. veDYNA allows the students to investigate the lateral/handling dynamics of their Formula SAE vehicle and to use the knowledge gained to design a suitable suspension system for prototypes.

Tim Wright, the Technical Director (2007) for Curtin University’s Formula SAE-A project has been using veDYNA to design and validate the suspension system of the Formula SAE-A 2008 vehicle. He summarizes his operation experience with the vehicle simulation environment as: "veDYNA represented a significant step forward for the Curtin Motorsport project. It will allow future vehicles to be built in a more scientific manner and will also save many resources required in physical testing. It is envisaged that as the accuracy of our model parameters improves, that veDYNA will become a powerful design tool into the future for Curtin’s Formula SAE project."

Read more about suspension design with veDYNA at Curtin Motorsport, published in the Vehicle Dynamics International, November 2008