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Real driving pleasure: Audi test drives in a simulator

The "Audi Forum" visitor center in Ingolstadt now has a new customer attraction: high-quality driving simulators that offer virtual test drives with different Audi models. "Innovation through technology" can now be directly experienced by young and adult visitors alike. The veDYNA vehicle dynamics simulation program has been integrated into the simulators to allow drivers to experience the driving behaviors of different vehicle types on several tracks under different weather conditions.

A realistic driving feeling results from:

  • The use of validated Audi vehicle parameters
  • Steering moment as in a real vehicle
  • Tuned accelerator pedal behavior
  • A highly realistic soundscape: engine, tires, airflow, etc.
  • Live display of speed, engine revs and fuel consumption
  • Brilliant real-time animation of the surroundings
  • Close-to-reality equipment of the simulators: steering wheel, accelerator, brakes, gear

Read more about the application of veDYNA in the Audi driving simulators.