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UNAM Motorsports: Validation of control algorithms with veDYNA

The UNAM Motorsports Team used veDYNA vehicle dynamics simulation in the FSAE 2013-2014 season to simulate different maneuvers in order to validate the algorithms programmed in the vehicle control unit.
Several algorithms have been tested with veDYNA, e.g.:

  • Velocity Estimation
  • Roll Angle Estimation
  • Lateral Velocity Estimation
  • Sideslip Angle Estimation

Samuel López, responsible for the simulations, summes it up: "veDYNA proved to be an invalauble tool  to compare the results of our algorithms with simulated data."

Read more details about the successful comparison of the algorithms with the simulation.

UNAM Motorsports Team

UNAM Motorsports is a team formed by 40 students from Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México.  The team debuted in Formula SAE in 2010, and in 2014 they participated with their car UM-515,  being the fifth year in a row that they are part of the competition. Since the first year UNAM Motorsports have remained the best Mexican team among the participants, and they also have been one of the best Latin-American teams competing.

Congratulations from TESIS DYNAware!

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