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Magna Powertrain: A holistic approach for frontloading in function development of traction and vehicle dynamics control systems

Modern 4WD systems with intelligent control algorithms not only offer better traction on slippery road, they also improve the vehicle handling and significantly minimize any increase of fuel consumption. The control system distributes the driving torque to the axles according to the drivers intention and the vehicle state, and also reduces CO2 emissions by disconnecting the all-wheel drive component when it is not needed. In addition, the vehicle stability control is coordinated with safety-related control systems (ABS, ESP...). On the Virtual Powertrain Creation Congress 2015, Magna Powertrain presented their method of frontloading in the function development of traction control systems. One focus is the close cooperation of the full vehicle simulation veDYNA and the road tests.

Selected applications of the simulation

  • General control function tests
  • Standard maneuvers for  proof of concept and component dimensioning
  • Malpractice maneuvers to analyze thermal and mechanical stress on drivetrain components
  • Virtual measurement campaingns deliver load spectrums for durability and worst-case-analyses
  • Driving at the limits, including on low friction roads
  • Pre-callibration: Systematic validation based on objective criteria for traction, vehicle dynamics, fuel consumption, comfort and stress/load on components 
  • Assistance for road tests: More time for the actual calibration work in the vehicle
  • Accompanying the test drives with simulation to analyze and fix control issues
  • Virtual summer tests during the winter road tests

Usage of veDYNA at Magna Powertrain

  • veDYNA vehicle contains all necessary components
  • Modelling of any relevant 4WD topology
  • Connection to HiL, driving simulator
  • Customization of driver models can be made by Magna
  • Easy model integration due to open architecture in Matlab/Simulink:
    - Function code (Vehicle and traction control systems ...)
    - Component models (Clutch, actuators ...)
    - Protection models (system loads, temperature ...)

More information (article in German language): Magna Powertrain - Ein gesamtheitlicher Ansatz zur frontloadingunterst├╝tzten Funktionsentwicklung von Traktions- und Fahrdynamikregelsystemen