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Audi: Multi-ECU HiL system for virtual characteristic assessment of vehicle dynamics control systems

The process of virtual testing for ESCs is becoming more complex due to increasing interconnectivity with other ECUs.  TESIS DYNAware runs Hardware-in-the-Loop systems (HiLs) for Audi which contain a network of all ECUs relevant to the vehicle dynamics. This approach allows the virtual assessment of vehicle dynamics characteristics for a wide range of variants.

Facts at a glance

  • The increasing interconnection of control systems requires testing of networked functions
  • The ESC control unit is calibrated using real hardware versions of other ECUs. Application based on testing with idealized emulations (soft-ECUs) does not ensure realistic driving characteristics.
  • The HiL system contains a real hydraulic brake system with associated ECUs
  • The veDYNA vehicle dynamics simulation provides the rest-bus simulation and maneuver control
  • Result: Realistic vehicle behavior in scenarios which are influenced by several vehicle dynamics ECUs 
  • It is possible to assess networked functions on a vehicle characteristic level

Animations of the real-time simulation

  • Virtual ESC Testing on Icy Road
  • Vehicle ESC Testing with Simulation

Presentation slides
Multi ECU HiL system for virtual characteristic rating of vehicle dynamics control systems