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Virtual Test Driving

DYNAware R3.5 with veDYNA and enDYNA

Updates of the hardware and software compatibility
for veDYNA vehicle dynamics simulation and enDYNA engine simulation

  • Matlab from R2015b up to R2018b
  • dSpace from R2016-A up to R2018-A
  • NI Veristand 2017 and 2018
  • ETAS Labar Operator 5.4.4
  • Other on demand
    Overview on the compatibility page

enDYNA engine simulation

  • Functions for NOx calculation and optimization of the exhaust strategy in test bench operation / HiL systems
    • Consideration of fuel enrichment for targeted exhaust gas temperature control
    • More precise calculation of the heat transport in the exhaust gas system and the temperature behaviour in the SCR-Cat
    • NOx as a function of peak pressure and combustion curve; routines to validate dependencies 
    • NOx concentration depending on the operating point based on evaluation of measured characteristic maps 
  • Enhanced supercharger model for more stable idle control

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