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Integrated Analysis of Energy and Thermal Management in the Vehicle

TESIS and MAGNA Powertrain Engineering Center Steyr, have signed a cooperation agreement for the integration of their software.

The coupling of the DYNA4 virtual complete vehicle with the KULI® thermal management simulation software will enable an integrated analysis of the energy and thermal management in the vehicle to be performed.
In hybrid and electric vehicles in particular, there are many interdependencies between the energy and heat flows that need to be considered when designing an efficient operating strategy and the cooling circuits. The DYNA4-KULI® combination will produce an integrated development environment for this purpose. In particular, it enables the function development and evaluation of the hybrid control unit (HCU) to be carried out with regard to thermal operating safety and warm-up of the internal combustion engine.
For tests in an electrified complete vehicle, the DYNA4 simulation framework offers mechanical and electrical model components and a driver model for virtual test drives. KULI® provides the thermal components for the analysis of heating, cooling, and interior air conditioning systems.

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