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HiL simulation: Highly reactive control of in-cylinder pressure

The thermodynamical model enDYNA Thermo supports the development of the latest ECU generation for diesel engines with controller algorithms based on the cylinder pressure. Variation of the injection pattern leads to the desired pressure to obtain specific engine dynamics and exhaust gas characteristics. enDYNA Thermo works time-synchronized to the engine control unit and thereby enables model based design and development of such controller functions.

This article describes the implementation of a HiL testbed with enDYNA Thermo based on practical field experience. The target is a smooth interaction of real-time hardware and simulation models. Therefore a maximum of detail depth with simultaneous real-time capability requires an optimum trade-off between model complexity and available computer capacity.

Read more about practical enDYNA Thermo HiL application in our article "Cylinder pressure reactive control", published in the Engine Technology International magazine