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Virtual test drives on OpenDRIVE roads

The OpenDRIVE road definition is natively and seamlessly integrated into DYNA4 vehicle and environment simulation.
Benefits at a glance:

  • Virtual test drives on OpenDRIVE roads without conversion
  • ASAM standardized road format for highest reusability and investment protection
  • Complex road networks for the development of assisted and automated driving
  • Consideration of road surfaces for vehicle dynamics analyses with OpenCRG profiles
  • DYNA4 framework features such as automation, data management and 3D visualization

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and Autonomous Driving, ADAS & AD

  • Driving on OpenDRIVE network with lanes, crossings, road signs, etc.
  • GUI-based route definition for multiple vehicles
  • Moving pedestrians and animals on OpenDRIVE routes
  • Ground truth information from the OpenDRIVE road in alignment with the vehicle sensor systems
  • Connection to stochastic traffic, e.g. from SUMO

Vehicle dynamics analyses

  • Driving without conversion on OpenDRIVE roads with precise vehicle dynamics
  • Consideration of longitudinal and lateral inclination and road curvature
  • Very easy integration of OpenCRG profiles
  • Virtual test drives on roads with cobblestones, curbs, sinus profiles and gravel
  • Automated terrain and road visualization incl. OpenCRG surface

OpenDRIVE road model: benefits in DYNA4 Framework

  • Graphical route editor with route validation
  • Route and maneuver definition for various test scenarios
  • OpenDRIVE model usable from MiL to HiL (file based platforms)
  • Test automation and variant handling
  • Management of models, parameters and simulation results
  • Automated terrain generation and visualization in DYNAanimation
  • Driving simulator: Driver-in-the-Loop on OpenDRIVE networks
  • Optional: detailed vehicle dynamics and components for 48V-systems and electric vehicles
  • Seamless integration of your models to the model library

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