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Virtual Tire Test Rig: Validated tires for your vehicle simulation

Using the virtual Tire Test Rig you automate your tire generation for vehicle dynamics and entire vehicle simulations in DYNA4.

Advantages at a glance

  • Tire analyses using automated execution of predefined test cases
  • Flexible adaptation of test cases and extension by own tire tests
  • Comparison of the characteristic behavior of different tire models and data
  • Generation of reference data based on arbitrary Simulink based tire model
  • Conversion of tire data from detailed tire models (e.g. FTire) for real-time application from MiL and SiL to HiL
  • Validation of fitting results
  • Full integration of the virtual Tire Test Rig into your simulation projects: direct use of the generated and validated tire model in your DYNA4 vehicle simulation

Video: Validated tires for virtual test drives in DYNA4