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TMeasy: Easy-to-use tire model for vehicle dynamics test drives

TMeasy is the very fast calculating tire model developed by Prof. Rill. New in TMeasy 5 is the realistic calculation of tire forces at low speeds and even at standstill especially suited for parking function test and calibration. Moreover, inflation pressure can be included as a parameter which can be simply varied. TMeasy is specifically designed for vehicle handling and standard driving dynamics tests. It is fully integrated in the DYNA4 simulation environment user GUI. You can benefit from all framework features, and even use it with your own vehicle dynamics models.


  • Validation and homologation of vehicle stability control systems.
  • Development and testing of steering systems.
  • Carrying out tests like Sine-with-Dwell (ECE R13H) or NHTSA Fishhook.
  • Evaluation of characteristic vehicle dynamics behavior.

TMeasy features

  • Realistic parking torque and low speed behavior.
  • Simulation of inflation pressure.
  • Smooth transition from standstill to any driving condition. No switching functions or speed thresholds due to generalized slip combining longitudinal, lateral and bore motion.
  • Parameter import from tire measurements and other models (MF-Tire/Pacejka, FTire).
  • Sophisticated contact point calculation.


  • TMeasy – Tire Model "easy to use": Only a manageable number of physically interpretable parameters is necessary while maintaining good accuracy.
  • Easy parameterization: Parameterization procedures available for tire measurements data, other from other tire models such as MF-Tire/Pacejka or FTire. Even user estimation – since all parameters do have a physical meaning, no magic.
  • Simple adaption: Parameters can be easily tuned to fit full vehicle measurements, e.g. to adapt to different tire wear
  • Real-time capable: Optimized algorithms yield a computation time of less than 2 µs per simulation step per tire on a medium class PC.
  • Usability: Due to the DYNA4 integration, TMeasy can be used via GUI and with any framework functions.

DYNA4: Open and flexible simulation framework

  • TMeasy is fully integrated in DYNA4, which makes all framework features GUI-based available.
  • Easy parameterization, variants management, result plots, animation and many more.
  • Consistent management of models, data, simulation scenarios and results.
  • Use your own vehicle models or the DYNA4 model library, any vehicle types possible.
  • Provides powerful tools for automated simulations and parameter studies.
  • Allows flexible adaptation to your work processes.
  • Interfaces for test automation, version control systems and MBS simulation tools.
  • Continous use from MiL, SiL to various HiL systems.

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