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DYNA4 Custom User Interface: Configure the DYNA4 GUI to meet your needs

The flexible simulation environment DYNA4 provides various configuration settings, which allows a wide range of different simulation tasks to be performed. To focus the application for the simulation user according to the project at hand, it is possible to create a user interface with exactly the necessary input fields or result routines. This html based “Custom UI” can be easily created and adapted to seamlessly interact with the desired framework functionality.

Custom UI examples

1. Development and test of parking assistance systems

  • Extensive parameter studies for different parking tasks
  • Custom UI for configuration and analysis of your simulation results
  • User interface with operating controls exactly for your parking tests

2.  Validation of chassis control systems

  • Evaluation of effects and criticality for vehicle conditions based on numerous combinations of error cases
  • Custom UI for quick and intuitive configuration of combined error intrusion and parameter variations.
  • Efficient access on a result database

3. Design of conventional and electric power trains

  • Simulation of comprehensive variant studies for the development and calibration of power trains
  • Custom UI with the necessary variation parameters for your tuning goals
  • Allows the configuration of parameter studies and a simple derivation of vehicle variants


  • Various applications implemented in the DYNA4 simulation environment
  • Achieve faster simulation results by focusing on the task at hand 
  • Clear user guidance reduces the chance of improper operation
  • Infrequent users benefit from an intuitive GUI and are quickly productive with DYNA4
  • Simple GUI generation with elements from html and Java script libraries
  • Result oriented work: Only the items necessary for your project are available
  • Ideal reusability:  Quick adaptation for further projects or new requirements
  • Display with company branding, e.g. logo, vehicle parts etc.
  • Full DYNA4 functionality customized to your needs