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Combined flexibility for ECU testing: DYNA4 vehicle simulation on dSPACE Scalexio HiL systems

The range of real-time hardware supported by the vehicle and environment simulation DYNA4 is now extended by the hardware-in-the-loop (HiL) system dSpace Scalexio. The combination of open, modular vehicle simulation software and flexible configurable hardware constitutes a versatile platform for ECU testing.

DYNA4 provides efficient administration of simulation models, variants and results, which allows the effective management of test catalogs, even when these are very large and varied.
The range of applications comprises vehicle dynamics, driver assistance systems, powertrain and engine ECUs. To perform virtual tests with different maneuvers, vehicle variants or numerous test parameters, DYNA4 provides internal automation routines as well as interfaces to external test automation software. This flexibility now is also available for use with the configurable Scalexio hardware.
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