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Model-based testing of Ford's lane keeping system

Testing driver assistance systems using model-based development, combined with a consistent test strategy from MiL to HiL, allows error correction much earlier on in the development phase and the reduction of prototype tests.

Ford's intention is to make use of reproducible test scenarios in order to automate the testing process for the camera’s controller software. Thus any software version can be tested in every scenario. With this approach it is possible to test every software version with all of the predefined test scenarios and to emerge problems early.

Read Ford's professional article to learn how the lane keeping system was tested by using simulation (PDF download: Model-based Testing of Ford's lane keeping system). TESIS DYNAware provides the environment simulation DYNA4 Driver Assistance with its traffic environment, including roads, marks, signs and virtual vehicles. The test environment was realized by our HiL-partner Berner & Mattner.