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ADAS testing of camera-based systems at BMW

A test stand for the functional validation of camera-based driver assistance functions has been developed in a joint project with BMW and Bertrandt. The ADAS test stand allows virtual test drives to be performed in the DYNA4 Driver Assistance while the camera system is stimulated by DYNAanimation. Several controller functions can be tested using the realistic concept of the simulation environment:

  • Lane detection: warning when a vehicle leaves the traffic lane
  • Vehicle recognition: function of the high-beam assistant and collision warning
  • Traffic sign recognition

Benefits of the test stand:

  • Savings in resources due to a reduction in expensive test drives
  • Generation of standardized or infrequent, uncommon test scenarios
  • Reproducible test scenarios
  • Fully automated testing and reporting

More information about the ADAS camera HiL.